Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Updating Three Specifications Synchronized with Unicode Version 11.0

stopwatch image The Unicode Consortium is soliciting feedback on the text and data changes in the following proposed update specifications. These specifications are synchronized with Unicode Version 11.0, and slated for release at the same time, in early June. Feedback is due by April 23 — this is the last chance to provide feedback on any changes and any open review issues.

UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms updates data for Unicode 11.0, adds a new section describing the handling of Joining Controls (ZWJ and ZWNJ), and adds tests to Section Section 5.4 Optional Detection for checking nonspacing marks and sequences.

UTS #46 Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing updates data for Unicode 11.0, and extends  the format of the test data file. The new test format allows implementations to determine more precisely where any validity test fails, and allows the implementation to filter for the exact combination of supported features.

UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm updates data for Unicode 11.0, and otherwise makes no material changes to the text.

Details of the Unicode 11.0 Beta and open Public Review Issues are available on the Unicode website.