Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Unicode Consortium Announces Version 13.0 Cover Design

The Unicode Consortium is pleased to announce the new design selected for the cover of the forthcoming print-on-demand publication of The Unicode Standard, Version 13.0. The Unicode Consortium issued an open call for artists and designers to submit cover design proposals. All submitted designs were reviewed by an independent panel.

Unicode 13.0 Book Cover Concept
The selected cover artwork is an original design by Huijun Shan, an award-winning senior UI designer, who has a B.S. in Communication Engineering from Nanjing University. The design was inspired by building blocks for children using letters put together with a scientific color scheme.

Two runner-up designs by Du Lilyu and Saagar Setu were also selected. Lilyu's design cleverly incorporates the Unicode logo into the version number, while Setu's design signifies the endless running for the next Unicode release. Du Lilyu is a graphic designer in China, while Saagar Setu is a Unicode enthusiast based in Ahmedabad, India.

Du Lilyu:
[art by Du Lilyu]
Saagar Setu:
[art by Saagar Setu]

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