Monday, May 13, 2019

IUC 43 Program Announced

Join Us At IUC 43!

Trained, Tested, Trusted: Understand best practices in process and among teams reliably delivering high quality global products. Examine how developers build, test, and deploy great global products. Explore technologies for design, localization, multilingual testing, workflow management, and content management.

Expert practitioners and industry leaders present detailed recommendations for businesses looking to expand to new international markets and those seeking to improve time to market and cost-efficiency of supporting existing markets. Recent conferences have provided specific advice on designing software for European countries, Latin America, China, India, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and emerging markets.

For over 28 years the Internationalization & Unicode® Conference (IUC) has been the preeminent event highlighting the latest innovations and best practices of global and multilingual software providers. Join us in Santa Clara to promote your ideas and experiences working with natural languages, multicultural user interfaces, producing and supporting multinational and multilingual products, linguistic algorithms, applying internationalization across mobile and social media platforms, or advancements in relevant standards.

Track and Session Topics to Include:
  • Automation
  • Emojis
  • Internationalization
  • Programming
  • Case Studies
  • Localization
  • Scripts


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Unicode コンソーシアムは「令和」をサポートする Unicode 12.1 を正式リリースしました

reiwa era image English (英語) here

バージョン 12.1 に関する情報とデータファイルがこちらに公開されています。12.1 では日本の新年号「令和」の合字一文字のみを加えており、総文字数は 137,929 となりました。

追加された文字は、日付の和暦表示に合字を使う場合に必須です。ユニコードコンソーシアムメンバー一同は、日本政府の新年号発表後直ちに、この合字に対応できたことを喜んでいます。なお、Unicode Common Locale Data Repository(CLDR)と International Components for Unicode(ICU)も、「令和」に対応するようアップデートされています。

  • Unicode 文字データファイル—UCD データファイル
  • Unicode 照合アルゴリズム—DUCET データファイル
Unicode 標準は、オペレーティングシステム、ブラウザー、モバイル機器、さらにインターネットと Web(URLs, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON 等)を含む、最新のソフトウェアやグローバル通信の基盤となるものです。Unicode 標準は、文字セット標準に関するデータと、CLDR、ICU から構成されています。

(Translated into Japanese by Mina Nishimura, Adobe Inc.)

ユニコードコンソーシアムは不利な条件下にある言語のサポートにも取り組んでいます。「Adopt a Character」を通して、ご支援ください。13万6千個以上もの文字から気に入った文字を選べます。


Unicode Version 12.1 released in support of the Reiwa Era

reiwa era image 日本語 (Japanese) はこちら

Version 12.1 of the Unicode Standard is now available with updated data files. This version adds a single important character, the square ligature for the name of the new Japanese era, Reiwa (令和), for a total of 137,929 characters.

This new character in Version 12.1 adds critical support for those Japanese implementations that depend on the ligature form of Japanese era names when presenting calendar information. The Unicode Consortium and its members are pleased to add support for this important new character with a timely release of Unicode Version 12.1, shortly after the selection of the name was finalized by the Japanese government. The Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) and International Components for Unicode (ICU) have also been updated for the new calendar data during this time.

Critical data files have been updated for Version 12.1, including:
  • Unicode Character Database—UCD data files
  • Unicode Collation Algorithm—DUCET data files
The Unicode Standard is the foundation for all modern software and communications around the world, including operating systems, browsers, laptops, and smart phones—plus the Internet and Web (URLs, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, etc.). The Unicode Standard and its associated standards and data form the foundation for CLDR and ICU releases.

Over 136,000 characters are available for adoption, to help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

CLDR Version 35.1 Language/Locale Data Released for Reiwa Era, Unicode 12.1

reiwa era image Unicode CLDR 35.1 is a dot release focusing on calendar and date format support for the new Reiwa era in Japan, including support for the upcoming Unicode 12.1. Version 35.1 is the latest version of CLDR, the core open-source language data that major software systems use to adapt software to the conventions of over 80 different languages. The open-source Unicode ICU library incorporates the CLDR Version 35.1 data as part of its ICU 64.2 release. ICU code is used by many products for Unicode and language support, including Android, Cloudant, ChromeOS, Db2, iOS, macOS, Windows, and many others.

In addition to updates related to the new Reiwa era, the CLDR 35.1 release includes a small number of other updates, including more localized name updates for North Macedonia, and support for tzdata 2019a.

For further details and links to documentation, see the CLDR 35.1 Release Notes.

Over 136,000 characters are available for adoption, to help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages


Friday, March 29, 2019

ICU 64 Released

ICU LogoUnicode® ICU 64 has just been released. It updates to Unicode 12 and to CLDR 35 locale data with many additions and corrections, and some new languages. ICU adds a data filtering/subsetting mechanism, improved formatting API, and a C++ LocaleBuilder.

ICU is a software library widely used by products and other libraries to support the world's languages, implementing both the latest version of the Unicode Standard and of the Unicode locale data (CLDR).

For details please see