Wednesday, October 5, 2016

CLDR Version 30 Released

CLDR CoverageUnicode CLDR 30 provides an update to the key building blocks for software supporting the world’s languages. This data is used by all major software systems for their software internationalization and localization, adapting software to the conventions of different languages for such common software tasks. The following summarizes the main improvements in the release.

  • Unicode support is updated to 9.0, including updated Unihan readings for the pinyin collation and Han-Latin transforms, and support for new script codes and number systems.
  • The set of language codes for translation has been updated, with a significant increase in the total number of translated language names.
  • Substantial new data has been added for likely subtags (e.g., to get the main script for each language).
  • New data items have been added to support relative times such as “3 Fridays ago” or “this hour”.
  • New draft format and preference structure has been added to support week designations such as “the week of August 10” or “week 3 of March”.
  • New <characterlabels> data can be used to generate labels for groups of related characters in character pickers.
  • The structure for emoji annotations has been revised, and the data has been significantly updated. The emoji collation has been updated, and data is added for improved segmentation behavior. Added a specification for synthesizing ZWJ sequence names.
  • The CLDR 30 Survey Tool data collection resulted in a net increase in data items of about 9.2%, with an additional 5.9% of items changed.
For further details and links to documentation, see the CLDR Release Notes

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Emoji Deadline

Reminder: Emoji proposals must be submitted by October 1 to be considered for Unicode 10 (2017). See Process and Timeline.

Also, see the latest emoji charts. Both the v3.0 and the v4.0 beta have been regenerated with updated images, and with updated sorting order, short names, and keywords (annotations) from the alpha Unicode CLDR v30 release.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Unicode 9.0 Paperback Available

[Unicode 9.0 Cover Art] The Unicode 9.0 core specification is now available in paperback book form with a new, original cover design. This edition consists of a pair of modestly priced print-on-demand volumes containing the complete text of the core specification of Version 9.0 of the Unicode Standard.

Each of the two volumes is a compact 6×9 inch US trade paperback size. The two volumes may be purchased separately or together, although they are intended as a set. The cost for the pair is US $16.75, plus postage and applicable taxes. Please visit the description page to order.

Note that these volumes do not include the Version 9.0 code charts, nor do they include the Version 9.0 Standard Annexes and Unicode Character Database, which are freely available on the Unicode website.

Purchase The Unicode Standard, Version 9.0 - Core Specification

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New FAQ on Myanmar Scripts and Languages

[Myanmar Glyphs] A new FAQ on Myanmar Scripts and Languages has been posted on the Unicode website. This FAQ discusses the use of the Myanmar script in Unicode, and covers the challenges of encoding, display, and interoperating with existing non-Unicode encodings such as Zawgyi.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Keynote Speaker Announced for IUC 40

My Life as a Higher Level Protocol

John Hudson

After sitting in on a full day of in depth tutorials, join us Wednesday morning as we kick off our 25th year with a keynote presentation by John Hudson, Co-Founder, Tiro Typeworks. John has spent two decades working at the messy interface between text encoding and typography, much of it making fonts for complex scripts. In his keynote presentation, he reflects on some of the messiest aspects of this work, and why, after twenty years, he's convinced that a holistic overview of text is necessary.

About IUC 40, November 1-3, 2016: For twenty-five years the Internationalization & Unicode® Conference (IUC) has been the preeminent event highlighting the latest innovations and best practices of global and multilingual software providers. Please join us for our 40th conference! This year's event is being held on November 1-3, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. Read more.