Monday, April 9, 2018

Last call on UTS #51 Unicode Emoji

stopwatch image The Unicode Consortium is soliciting feedback on the text and data changes in the proposed update UTS #51 Unicode Emoji. This specification is now synchronized with Unicode Version 11.0, and slated for release at the same time, in early June. Feedback is due by April 23 — this is the last chance to provide feedback on any changes and any open review issues.

The recent changes modify the definition of emoji combining sequences, add a section describing the emoji property stability (including under operations like lowercasing) and a section providing EBNF and Regex expressions for loose matches on emoji in running text, and some clarifications of gender neutral characters.

Note: the emoji characters and properties for Version 11.0 have already been finalized, so this last call is just for the text of the specification, not the emoji characters or properties.