Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Emoji submissions intake process opening on April 2, 2024!

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It’s that time of year. For some of us that means the birds are chirping and the weather is getting warmer. For others, the leaves are changing color and you’re unpacking your coats. No matter where you are in the world, you can submit an emoji proposal starting April 2, 2024 and the Emoji Standard and Research Working Group is looking forward to receiving your submissions. πŸ“„πŸ‘€

Whether you’re new to the process or a veteran contributor to the Unicode Standard please take note: a few changes have been made to the Guidelines for Submitting Unicode® Emoji Proposals. So, as you prepare your documents, consider the following steps to ensure your work meets all the requirements to be considered.

Step 1: See if it’s already been approved or “under consideration”

It seems obvious but if it’s already an emoji (or if we’ve reviewed a similar proposal) your job is done! Scan the list of Emoji Requests and see whether your proposed emoji has previously been submitted.

Emoji that are listed as “Prioritization Pending” or “Under Consideration” do not require additional proposals. πŸ†• Emoji declined within the last four years are not eligible for re-review.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with Criteria for Inclusion

We recommend reading recently successful proposals. It may also be worth your time scrolling through the Emoji Submission FAQ, which includes common questions and answers.

Note: Some proposals will not be considered for encoding which include but are not limited to flags, logos, UI icons, specific people, or designs that include text. πŸ†• A full list of the types that will not be reviewed can be found here.

Hot tip: Advocating for an emoji on behalf of an important social cause? A proposal may be advanced despite a “cause” argument - if other factors are compelling - but will not be advanced because of it.

Step 3: Prepare your proposal document

Completing the Guidelines for Submitting Unicode® Emoji Proposals is critical. Take note of the Selection Factors and Emoji Encoding Principles as well as this section on Limitations on Emoji Encoding. Don’t skip any of the fields in the form! The Emoji Standard and Research Working Group [ESC] receives a lot of submissions, and complete proposals helps the ESC best evaluate them.

Your document must contain all of the sections shown in this format, provide empirical evidence, and address all of the questions specified there as completely as possible. Review your proposal document to confirm it is complete, has all of the necessary frequency citations, the images are not copyrighted, and meets all of the selection factors.

Hot Tip: The ESC has updated the required sources for frequency data. Previously Google & Bing Search was accepted but recently removed a mechanism that quantified the queries. Moving forward, submissions should quote Google Books and Google Ngram Viewer stats.

Step 4: Submit your documents

If you have gotten this far, congratulations. You’re almost done and the ESC’s work has just begun.

Submit your proposal as a PDF with reference images using the Unicode Emoji Submission Form. Your complete “Submission” will be made up of the completed form, which includes acceptance of the Emoji Proposal Agreement & License, and your proposal PDF.

Hot Tip: πŸ†• You no longer have to submit images separately from the proposal PDF. All images will now be included directly in the PDF.

The submission window will be open April 2 through July 31, 2024 and all submissions will be notified of their status by November 30, 2024.

Good luck and happy emoji-ing! ✨πŸ˜ƒπŸ”Ž✍️✨

Hot Tip: Register now for the upcoming webinar on April 16, “How to make your emoji proposal the best that it can be!”

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