Friday, October 13, 2023

Unicode Technology Workshop on November 7-8 – Update on Sessions!

By the Unicode Technology Workshop Steering Committee

The Unicode Technology Workshop (UTW) is the internationalization event you want to attend this year.

Hear from internationalization experts from Adobe, Google, Meta, Square, UC Berkeley, and many more. Sessions include workshops, seminars, free-form discussions, and lightning talks centered around i18n libraries, locale data updates, globalization tooling, localization pipelines, input methods, and text rendering. Day 2 includes unconference sessions driven by attendees.

Topics for the workshops and seminars include:
  • Introduction to Unicode and Beyond
  • Intro to ICU4X Workshop
  • PersonNames in the Real World
  • Unicode Guide to Internationalization
  • Internationalizing the Internet’s Domain Name System
  • The First Steps to Go Global
  • Fixing Input Methods for Abugida Scripts
  • Automatic Grammar Agreement in Message Formatting
  • Prove it! Data Driven Conformance Testing
  • Unicode Source Code Handling
  • Script Encoding Initiative: Past and Future
  • Character to Glyph: how Unicode® Text Makes it to Your Screen
  • Critical Values for I18n Testing
  • ADLaM, the Power of a Script: Evolution, Community Impact & Challenges Post-Unicode
  • { }: MessageFormat v2
  • What's New in CLDR and ICU
  • Unicode Properties & Algorithms
  • 🔥😮‍💨🍄🪦💀🐷🐙😤
  • Lessons Launching Dozens of New Languages in a UI
  • Locale Aware Units and Units Inflection
  • “Ask Unicode Anything” with Mark Davis, Unicode’s Cofounder and CTO

Attendees will be encouraged at the event to bring up topics for unconference sessions and lightning talks.

Network with developers and users to help shape the future of Unicode technology. Expect two days of community building around the Unicode technology that makes software work for billions of people across all devices.

When and where: November 7-8, 2023. Bay Area (Hosted at Google). In-Person only!

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