Thursday, October 6, 2022

ICU 72 Release Candidate Available

ICU LogoWe are pleased to announce the release candidate for Unicode® ICU 72. It updates to Unicode 15, and to CLDR 42 locale data with various additions and corrections.

ICU 72 adds technology preview implementations for person name formatting, as well as for a new version of message formatting based on a proposed draft Unicode specification.

ICU 72 and CLDR 42 are major releases, including a new version of Unicode and major locale data improvements.

ICU 72 updates to the time zone data version 2022b (2022-Aug) which is effectively the same as 2022c. Note that pre-1970 data for a number of time zones has been removed, as has been the case in the upstream tzdata release since 2021b.

For details, please see

Please test this release candidate on your platforms and report bugs and regressions by Tuesday, 2022-Oct-18, via the icu-support mailing list, and/or please find/submit error reports.

Please do not use this release candidate in production.

The preliminary API reference documents are published on – follow the “Dev” links there.
Over 144,000 characters are available for adoption to help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages