Friday, December 9, 2016

Proposed Update UTR #51, Unicode Emoji (Version 5.0)

flag image A proposed update of UTR #51, Unicode Emoji (Version 5.0) is available for public review and feedback. This new version adds a mechanism to support regional flags, such as Scotland or California, though the choice of which of these flags to support is left to vendors.

Associated charts are available at, and associated data files are available at This proposed update also has a separate data file for the valid emoji presentation sequences, and reflects a small change in the ordering of SELFIE. The charts also add the newest Apple and Facebook emoji.

At this time, the proposed update does not add any additional recommended emoji zwj sequences, nor reclassify any existing Unicode 9.0 characters as emoji. There are proposals for doing so that will be reviewed in the next Unicode Technical Committee meeting.

The review period for the proposed update ends on January 16, 2017. For further information and instructions on how to provide feedback, please see Public Review Issue #343.

This holiday season you can give a unique gift by adopting any emoji, letter, or symbol — and help support the Unicode Consortium’s mission to enable all languages to be used on computers. You can now adopt Unicode 9.0 characters and the Emoji 4.0 emoji sequences (such as woman astronaut or rockstar). ​​See the Adopt-a-Character Page.