Tuesday, May 16, 2023

LDML (UTS#35) Part 7: Keyboards

[image] CLDR-TC has authorized a new Public Review Issue, #476, for a major revision of LDML (UTS#35) Part 7: Keyboards. CLDR-TC and CLDR Keyboard-SC would appreciate feedback on whether there are specific changes or enhancements that should be made in the proposed specification.

Today, every platform must independently evaluate, prioritize, and implement all new or updated keyboard layouts, leading to major inconsistencies and delays especially where digitally disadvantaged languages are concerned. Consequently, language communities and other keyboard authors must see their designs developed independently for every platform/operating system, resulting in unnecessary duplication of technical and organizational effort.

“Keyboard 3.0” is designed from the ground up to be usable as a solution to support both hardware and on-screen (touch) layouts for all platforms in a single source file for each language.

With Keyboard 3.0, leading members of the language communities will be able to submit their layout once to CLDR, and it will be available to all platforms as part of the latest version of CLDR, making adoption much easier for platforms. Platform vendors will not need to develop and maintain their own keyboard layout data, especially for languages that they don’t yet support.

This work contributes to the goals of the United Nations International Decade of Indigenous Languages by improving the path for Digitally Disadvantaged Language communities to develop platform support for their languages. Users should see improvements in consistency between platforms, as layouts can be shared.

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