Monday, October 1, 2018

New Unicode Technical Director

Ken LundeThe Unicode Consortium would like to welcome a new Technical Director, Dr. Ken Lunde.

Ken Lunde has worked at Adobe since 1991, specializing in CJKV Type Development, meaning that he develops East Asian fonts, along with the specifications on which they are based. He architected the Adobe-branded “Source Han” and Google-branded “Noto CJK” open source Pan-CJK typeface families that were released in 2014 and 2017, is the author of “CJKV Information Processing” Second Edition that was published by O’Reilly Media at the end of 2008, and frequently publishes articles on Adobe’s CJK Type Blog. Ken holds BA, MA, and PhD degrees in linguistics from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ken has been Adobe’s representative to Unicode since 2006, has been the primary representative since 2015, serves as the IVD Registrar, participates in the Unicode Editorial Committee, and received the 2018 Unicode Bulldog Award.

For the listing of current directors and officers of the Consortium please see Unicode Directors, Officers and Staff