Thursday, April 8, 2010

[Unicode Announcement] W3C India Conference

Here is an announcement for a conference in India which should be of interest to Unicode members.


The W3C India Office is organizing an International Conference "World Wide Web: Technology, Standards and Internationalization - 2010" in New Delhi on May 6-7, 2010.

The focus of the conference is to promote and proliferate W3C Standards in India to enable seamless Web access in Indian languages. One of the major aspects to be covered in the conference is Internationalization, especially in light of the complexity of implementing Indian Languages.

Core Technology Tracks in the Conference include:

1. W3C and Web Technologies
2. Internationalization Aspects in W3C
3. Web Access through mobile and hand-held devices
4. CSS and Styling issues
5. Web Architecture and Semantic web
6. Human Machine Interface for the Web
7. Web Content Accessibility in Indian Languages
8. W3C and E-Governance

Kindly visit the W3C India Website and the Conference Website for more details. The Conference will also attempt to evolve a Roadmap for proliferation and specific requirements for Indian Languages in W3C and associated standards. We look forward to your active cooperation and participation in the Conference.

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