Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Unicode 6.3 Beta Review

The Unicode® Consortium today announced the start of beta review for the forthcoming Unicode 6.3.0. All beta feedback must be submitted by April 29, 2013.

The main feature of Unicode 6.3 is the update of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm and five newly-encoded bidirectional format control characters: U+061C ARABIC LETTER MARK and the isolate span controls U+2066..U+2069. This version also rolls in various minor corrections for errata and other small updates for the Unicode Character Database.

Unicode is the foundation for all modern software and communications around the world, including all modern operating systems, browsers, and smart phones; modern web protocols (HTML, XML,...); and internationalized domain names. Thus it is important to ensure a smooth transition to each new version of the Unicode Standard. Software developers and other experts are strongly encouraged to review the beta data files and documentation for Unicode 6.3.0 carefully, and to provide any feedback regarding errors or other issues to the Unicode Consortium. Software developers can also get an early start in testing their programs with the beta data files so they will be ready for the release of Unicode 6.3.0 in June, 2013.

• See http://www.unicode.org/versions/beta-6.3.0.html, for information about testing the 6.3.0 beta.
• See http://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode6.3.0/ for the current draft summary of Unicode 6.3.0.