Thursday, May 28, 2009

[Unicode Announcement] New Public Review Issue #147: Proposed Deprecation of U+0673 ARABIC LETTER ALEF WITH WAVY HAMZA BELOW

The Unicode Technical Committee has posted a new issue for public
review and comment. Details are on the following web page:

Review periods for the new item closes on August 3, 2009.

Please see the page for links to discussion and relevant documents.
Briefly, the new issue is:

PRI #147: Proposed Deprecation of U+0673 ARABIC LETTER ALEF WITH WAVY

The UTC has recently approved a proposal to encode an ARABIC WAVY HAMZA
BELOW for a future version of the Unicode Standard. That character is
used productively in Kashmiri and other languages, and is applied to
letters other than ALEF. The intent is to deprecate the existing
character U+0673 ARABIC LETTER ALEF WITH WAVY HAMZA BELOW, in favor of
the sequence of an ALEF plus the new ARABIC WAVY HAMZA BELOW. (Because
of normalization stability constraints, a canonical equivalence relation
cannot be established.)

The UTC is seeking feedback on whether U+0673 should be deprecated when
ARABIC WAVY HAMZA BELOW is encoded. Pertinent information would include
data on how widespread usage of this character is. Note that deprecation
of a character does not mean removal of that character from the
standard; it merely constitutes a strong recommendation not to use the

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