Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gold Sponsor discourse.org

The Unicode Consortium is pleased to announce that discourse.org is now a gold sponsor for:

discourse.org's  sponsorship directly funds the work of the Unicode Consortium in enabling modern software and computing systems to support the widest range of human languages. There are approximately 7,000 living human languages. Fewer than 100 of these languages are well-supported on computers, mobile phones, and other devices. AAC donations are used to improve support for digitally disadvantaged languages, and to help preserve the world’s linguistic heritage. 

Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. It works as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more! Install it yourself, or try our managed hosting service. As a team discussion platform, emoji (and Unicode) are essential to the Discourse mission. Thanks to the efforts of the greater community, Discourse has already been translated into 87 languages and counting. We’re thrilled to support the Unicode Consortium’s mission of making all software available in every language. — discourse.org
The Unicode Consortium thanks discourse.org for their support!

All sponsors are listed on Sponsors of Adopted Characters. More than 128,000 other characters are available for adoption — see Adopt a Character