Friday, September 22, 2023

Unicode Version 15.1 – Tips for Implementers

The Unicode Version 15.1 release includes the UCD (Unicode Character Database), Code Charts, and Annexes, but the Core Specification is unchanged from Unicode Version 15.0. In addition to new characters, a small number of errata were fixed, along with improved representative glyphs. 

Implementers should also take careful note of important changes that were made to the following UAXes:
  • For UAX #9 (Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm), the text for BD16, the interaction of control flow between W4 through W6, the use of sos, and the treatment of AN/EN with brackets in N0 were clarified, and a reference to UTS #55 was added.
  • For UAX #14 (Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm), line breaking at orthographic syllable boundaries was added, the handling of French-style quotation marks was improved, and allowed tailorings were more clearly characterized.
  • For UAX #29 (Unicode Text Segmentation), explicit conformance rules were added, support for ConjunctLinker clusters was added, the definition of “crlf” was updated, and multiple changes were made to the table of Word_Break Property Values.
  • For UAX #31 (Unicode Identifiers and Syntax), multiple changes were made to Section 2, Section 4 was completely rewritten, Section 7 was added, limited contexts for joining controls was moved to UTS #39, and a reference to UTS #55 was added.
  • For UAX #38 (Unicode Han Database), 6 new provisional properties were added, 7 provisional properties were removed, the syntax of several properties was updated, and the description of several properties was improved.
  • For UAX #45 (U-Source Ideographs), records for 39 new ideographs were added to its data file, Section 3 was added, “ExtI” was added as a new status, two obsolete status values were removed, and four status values were improved.

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