Friday, September 1, 2023

NEW Virtual Event - Open House on Script and Character Encoding

Registration is Now Open!

The Unicode Standard aims to make the scripts used to write the languages of the world accessible on computers and devices. However, the process of getting characters and scripts into the Unicode Standard has often been puzzling. How does one successfully propose a script or a handful of characters? How are decisions made? 

Join us for a virtual Open House event, where you will be able to ask these (and other) script and character encoding questions to seasoned Unicode experts.

WhenTuesday, Oct 17, 2023 at 11am-12pm Pacific Time (California)

Register now. Please note this session will be recorded and available via the Unicode YouTube channel.

Supporting Resources

Documenting and Preserving Languages: A Talk on Character Encoding, Keyboards, and Fonts  by Deborah Anderson and Andrew Glass

Scripts and Character Encoding by Deborah Anderson, Script Ad Hoc Group Chair

Other Script and Character Encoding-related talks on the Unicode YouTube Channel

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