Monday, October 28, 2019

Unicode 2019 Bulldog Awards

Image of Heninger (left) and Lindenberg (right) The Unicode Consortium announces the 2019 Bulldog Award recipients: Andy Heninger and Norbert Lindenberg.

Andy Heninger is recognized for many years of contributions to the work of the Consortium, including providing crucial implementations of segmentation and regular expression support in International Components for Unicode (ICU). Prior to having these functions in ICU, support for them in Unicode implementations was very limited. Both contributions are key to robust text support. For example, correct segmentation is what keeps family emoji from splitting apart!

Norbert Lindenberg has made significant contributions over the years to internationalizing the Web and has brought deep script expertise to the Unicode Script Ad Hoc group. He has contributed to the models of many of the Unicode Standard’s complex scripts, including Thai, Myanmar, Khmer, Javanese, and Tamil. His work has been used by organizations such as Mozilla, Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, and Apple.

For many years, both have been bulldogs for robust Unicode text support.

More details of their many contributions can be found on the Unicode Bulldog Award page.

Over 136,000 characters are available for adoption, to help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages.