Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Unicode Announcement] Tracking proposed updates to Unicode technical publications

To make it easier to find and track proposed updates to Unicode
technical publications, the editorial committee has made several

* Proposed updates can be found by a predictable, stable URL
* This URL is always accessible from the latest approved version of
the document via a header field titled "Latest Proposed Update".

For example, if you look at the approved 5.2.0 version of UAX
#15, Unicode Normalization Forms
(, you'll find at the top
of the document under "Latest Proposed Update" a link to That URL
points to the latest proposed update for UAX #15.

* If there is currently no proposed update for a document, the URL
will point to a stub document indicating that there is no current
proposed update.

In addition, a predictable, stable URL is used for the modifications
section within each proposed update. That section summarizes the changes
that have been made from the previous version. These URLs follow the
format .

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