Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Unicode Consortium Board Votes to Elevate ICU4X to Technical Committee

Across the globe, people are using alternative ways to get online, such as smartphones, smart watches, and other compact devices. Formed as a Subcommittee of the ICU Technical Committee in 2020, ICU4X is a modular, lightweight, and secure library that brings internationalization to client-side and resource-constrained environments, written in Rust with bindings into many programming languages. 

We are all very excited about the ICU4X project. It dramatically expands the number of apps and systems that can easily deploy internationalization: with a smaller, modular footprint and the advantages of security and performance from Rust.” — Mark Davis, Co-founder and Board Chair

At its July meeting, the Board agreed that the ICU4X Subcommittee needed to have the authority to make technical decisions relating to the ICU4X architecture, structure, and coding, and voted that the ICU4X Subcommittee be elevated to the level of Technical Committee with the authority to make such decisions, effective immediately.

The ICU4X Technical Committee will be responsible for the design and implementation of the library, with the goal to ensure that mobile devices and other low-resource devices can access scalable internationalization services. It is particularly applicable for devices that cannot run full ICU (C/C++ and Java) — and for those in emerging markets with more limited resources and digitally disadvantaged languages.

Chair Shane Carr (Google) and Vice Chairs Zibi Braniecki (Amazon) and Nebojša Ćirić (Google) are the ICU4X Technical Committee Chair and Vice Chairs.

Congratulations to the ICU4X team! 

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