Monday, February 26, 2018

Adopt-A-Character Grant to Support Three Historic Scripts

document image The Adopt-a-Character Program has awarded a grant to support development of proposals for encoding the following three historic scripts in the Unicode Standard:
  • Book Pahlavi, an Aramaic-based script important to Zoroastrian and Parsi communities worldwide
  • Persian Siyaq Numbers, a numerical system used in Iran from the 9th to 20th centuries for accounting and administration
  • Uighur, a script used in the region spanning Uzbekistan to Mongolia from the 8th to 19th century.
The work will be done by Anshuman Pandey under the direction of Deborah Anderson (SEI, UC Berkeley) and Rick McGowan (Unicode Consortium).

Over 130,000 characters are available for adoption, to help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages.