Thursday, November 19, 2009

[Unicode Announcement] New draft Unicode specifications for IDNA and Security

There are new drafts of Unicode specifications connected with IDNA and

* UTS #46: Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing
* UTS #39: Unicode Security Mechanisms
* UTR #36: Unicode Security Considerations

The major changes include the following:

* Major rework based on the UTC and editorial committee decisions.
The text and specification are simplified considerably.
* The FAQ section was separated from the document and rewritten as
an independent FAQ page
* Draft data files were restructured
* Added a comparison table of IDNA2003, UTS46, and IDNA2008

/NOTE: IDNA2008 is not final, and the draft UTS46 may undergo changes
depending on the final form of IDNA2008/

* The confusable data was revised to add data extracted from a
comparison of font data from Windows and Mac
* Additional mappings were also added, such as "rn" ~ "m"
* The characters recommended for identifiers were updated based on
UAX 31

* Added new sections
o 3.6 Secure Encoding Conversion
o 3.7 Enabling Lossless Conversion to Unicode

The public review period for these specifications ends on January 26, 2010.

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