Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Corrected mapping data for Unihan_Variants.txt now available

The Unicode Consortium announces the availability of corrected mapping data for Unihan_Variants.txt. Due to a production problem, many of the traditional and simplified CJK mappings posted in Unihan_Variants.txt as part of the Unihan Database (Unihan.zip) for Unicode 6.0 have corrupted values in them. A corrected version of this mapping data has been posted at: http://www.unicode.org/Public/6.1.0/ucd/Unihan_Variants-6.1.0d1.txt

It is anticipated these corrected mappings will be incorporated in the next version of the Unicode Standard. In the interim, applications which make use of the traditional and simplified CJK mappings in the Unihan Database may wish to correct their mappings based on the revised data file. The traditional and simplified CJK mappings are classified as provisional properties in the Unicode Character Database. Users of provisional properties are cautioned that their use is at the implementer's risk.