Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[Unicode Announcement] Unicode Collation Algorithm 5.2.0 Beta Data Files Now Available

Version 5.2.0 of The Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA) is being prepared
for release in parallel with Unicode 5.2. The UCA data files have been
recently updated and are ready for review. Please see the Public Review
as well as the beta data files and collation test files:

1. The data files contain weights for all new assigned characters.
a. There have been significant changes to the ordering of
many combining marks. Many of those that are not in customary
use in modern languages now have the same secondary weight,
and will only be distinguished on a fourth level, by code
point ordering.
b. The ordering for Tamil and Malayalam has been improved,
but would still need tailoring for the Tamil and Malayalam
2. The text of UTS#10 has been updated. See the
modifications section for details:

Time is very short for this beta review, which closes on September 23,
2009, so reviewers are urged to download and test the files as soon as
they can.

Feedback should be sent through the usual Error Reporting Form:

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